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"Positive, topical children’s rhymes to be read aloud with your kids."

Sid Sloane - Children’s TV Presenter (CBeebies 'Lets Play')

“ The Superstar Kids Stories are an absolute delight. Great stories, good moral and life messages, fantastic illustrations, and (my personal favourite thing) each story rhymes! A great way for children (and adults) to learn, remember and do."

Dave Benson Phillips –Childrens TV Presenter (BBC's 'Playdays'), Entertainer,  Broadcaster and supreme liker of the Elliot and Felix story

"My favourite book!"

Isabella Rhodes 4

“These are important messages wrapped in accessible and fun rhymes” 

Dan Freedman - Author of 'Jamie Johnson' series

“Delivering important messages to children in a fun, creative way, this book is an absolute gem.”

Jo Roberts - JMD Editorial

“Fun, educational and the sort of books you wished were about when you were a nipper. Brilliant.”

Anna Whitehouse - Founder of Mother Pukka

“I love Superstar Kids.”

Brody Rhodes 4

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