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Growing up in Hertfordshire in the South East of England, I had a happy childhood living with my Dad (Stephen), Mum (Lorraine) and Sister (Elisa). In my teens I spent a lot of my spare time playing tennis and football, listening to rock music and hanging out with my close group of friends!


Studying Finance at University in Manchester and subsequently working in banking and technology for 15 years have certainly not been a traditional route for a budding children's book author.... but hey - it's good to be different! Being married to my wonderful wife Nicole and having my incredible kids (Isabella & Brody) did however provide me with a new outlook on life, love and responsibility. This is where the true inspiration for the stories came from.


In 2015, I started jotting down some rhyming ideas on my phone during my commute to and from work in London - one thing led to another and 18 months later I self published my first book.

I hope you enjoy Superstar Kids!


Follow my journey on my social channels via the links below and don't forget to spread the word!

Thank you!


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