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Superstar Kids is a collection of 5 short rhyming stories that will capture the hearts and minds of young boys and girls, giving them a unique and fun way of learning about growing up (whilst picking up some top tips!) and ultimately what it takes to be a superstar kid!

Meet Bella who learns a valuable lesson when she loses her special bunny, see what happens to Brody when he leaves his lucky soccer boots at home, read about Kimberly whose birthday is on the same day as her friend Brooke, find out why Elliot and Felix are looking so pleased with themselves and finally get to know Roco, the little boy who is a little too cheeky!


'Superstar Kids' is back with a brand new selection of short rhyming stories!

As we grow older and wiser we learn from our experiences, and even through our mistakes.

Andy, Harry, Saskia, Nikki and Ravi are the 'All New Superstar Kids' and they all have something to learn!

Why not join them as they discover some essential, daily life lessons in eating well, going to bed, patience, safety and responsibility... And look out for some familiar faces along the way too!

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